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Fun at first sight!

Engagement shoots have become an important part of preparing for a wedding, a chance to really check out the photographer, someone you may be with much of your wedding day so they need to be someone you really get on

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So pleased to have a studio

We had a short spell of cold winter weather recently in Chester but only a smattering of snow and that did not last long. We are now back to damp and cool. Feeling for those expecting a blizzard and deep snow

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Valentine’s Day approaches!

Every year I post about Valentine’s Day. It is a date I never miss in my own relationship with my own partner of 25 years married. Every relationship that ¬†will stand the test of time has involved both people living

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Engagement portraits in the studio- capturing a relationship – thoughts and feelings

Engagement portrait – eyes only for you Had a lot of fun with people in the studio recently shooting engagement portraits. Most couples have never had a sitting in a studio and often arrive very apprehensive. Once they realize how

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner would a portrait be a good gift?

Context and place can be important to a couple

I think so, but I would! It may be a bit of a cliche but there is still something romantic about having pictures of each other or of you both together in a wallet or on a work desk. This

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