14th September 2020 There was a country once that broke a treaty Day 175 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN There was a country once that broke a treaty Day 175 in the UK

A treaty was once signed between the countries of Europe, and others, that settled a dispute that had led to bloody conflict. Perhaps this was an unfair treaty, some said so. After the treaty was signed the government of one of the countries who thought it was unfair systematically, over time, broke  different parts of the treaty. People complained but appeased that country partly because they also perhaps thought some of the treaty had been wrong. Finally the country breaking the treaty went one step too far and there was another war.

If you don’t like the terms of a treaty don’t sign it.

If you sign a treaty, stick to it.

If it turns out the treaty is not a very good one, re-negotiate it, don’t just break it.

I have  a contract, a treaty, with each of my wedding clients and I stick to it. I make sure the client has read the contract and agreed to it. I keep the wording short and in plain English. Transparency and honesty are the only policy.

These are lessons the current Government should have learnt but they don’t get it, transparency or honesty.

Thought I would post a few images in the archive of a couple of places Oona and I have been in the last few years. A reminder there are wonderful places to go beyond this small island.

Badwater Basin Death Valley
Looking cool in the desert heat of Death Valley at Badwater Basin.
Information and conveniences near General Sherman Tree
Sunlight through the clouds at Sequoia National Park high up in the Rocky Mountains.
St Mark's Square and the Dodge's Plaace
Feeling it for Italy at the moment. Spent a lot of days there in the last few years. Always vibrant and full of people even if most of them were tourists.
Really enjoyed photographing Oona in and around Venice. We have been there three times, must love it!


And do you recognise this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

Stay safe.

Welsh Government’s Guidance on weddings and civil partnerships can be found here, must get around to reviewing it:

https://gov.wales/guidance-marriages-and-civil… and the frequently asked questions at: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance…

To read the current Government guidance on getting married in England please follow this link: COVID-19: Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships.

You may also want to read the frequently asked questions sections of the guidance: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do.

Other matters today:

  1. Computer annoyingly slow today! Online access to Photoshop difficult because of poor internet  and broadband connectivity.
  2. Another lovely walk this time by the River Dee. Lovely September weather.
  3. Write this blog.

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