9th September 2020 Walton Hall and Gardens – terrapins and squirrels Day 170 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN 9th September 2020 Walton Hall and Gardens – terrapins and squirrels Day 170 in the UK

Able to get out yesterday for a walk and oon’s leg caused no problem.

And do you recognise this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

So yesterday we went to Walton Hall and Gardens and had a good walk around the gardens and parkland. Sad to say the flower beds were pretty barren and there was a lot of litter along the woodland walk. Still, plenty of fresh air on a warm day. the nicest part was a small lake with a tryptic cascade of waterfalls. As we walked past them we looked into the lake for the large goldfish and carp swimming just below the surface and saw a bunch of terrapins. Oona later told me a group of terrapins is called a ‘bale’, who knew?!

Both Oona and I have played at and photographed weddings at Walton Hall so it was already somewhere we were familiar with.

The children’s zoo and playground were busy and the cafe open, although the cafe could offer us nothing vegan to go with our Americano. Bit disappointing.

Look forward to a time when the flower beds are replanted and vegan cake is available.

In other News Johnson tightens rules on who we can socialise with. Groups now of no more than six. Of course it is still acceptable to have multiples of 6 in the pub and restaurants! No mixed message there. Seems our social life is sacrificed for our and other people’s work life. No balance there! Complete cockup! Looks like Johnson is happy with a big death toll this Winter.

Beautiful little waterfall cascade. Love the triffid like plants on either side. Must find out what they are called. Prickly rhubarb!
Two of the terrapins we saw on the lake side.
Even though it is not a natural waterfall, someone with skill has made it look almost so.
Is this yours?

Stay safe.

Welsh Government’s Guidance on weddings and civil partnerships can be found here, must get around to reviewing it:

https://gov.wales/guidance-marriages-and-civil… and the frequently asked questions at: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance…

To read the current Government guidance on getting married in England please follow this link: COVID-19: Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships.

You may also want to read the frequently asked questions sections of the guidance: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do.

Other matters today:

  1. Went to the physio at Ellesmere Hospital today with Oona’s leg, which has been so much better over the last few days. ‘Housemaid’s knee’ apparently! 
  2. Home made pizza for tea. Love a bit of kneading. Bit my tongue eating it though!
  3. Write this blog.

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