4th September 2020 A small intimate August Chester wedding Part 2 – Day 165 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN A small August Chester wedding Part 2 Day 165 

And do you recognise this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

So we arrive at The Grosvenor Hotel for champagne on ‘the Mezzanine’, although they are now calling it ‘the Gallery’. The stairs is an original feature along with the great chandelier lighting the landings of each floor. It is here that people usually have their drinks reception one flight up from the entrance where the entrance, external and Clock images are usually taken. The Hotel is at the heart of the City of Chester so a great central location for a wedding.

Champagne on the Gallery with the 28,000 piece chandelier in the background of one of the few original features, the staircase.
I am fortunate to be able to photograph beautiful brides at their best. Elegant in an elegant place.
The groom is not to be let out. Relaxed and looking good.
Changing the angle and getting a bit close gives the bride and groom more images and choices for future display.
No apologies for focusing on the bride, they are the central star of the day!
Good to get the bride and groom looking elsewhere, other than at the lens. A bit ‘classical’ this image, the cover image is a bit more relaxed of the bride.

As for future wedding please follow the links below for weddings in Wales and weddings in England, not the same. We have gone down a devolutionary path so it is not right to call foul when the rules are different for each place, the UK Government and holiday makers going abroad are finding out the consequences of more devolved power the hard way. Generally the devolved Governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have handled the pandemic far more sensibly that the UK Government responsible for England. England seem to have cornered the market in politician clowns and incompetents. That’s probably not fair on clowns, they deliberately act the fool to make us laugh, this Government acts the fool because it is a ‘ship of fools’. I say ship because Johnson used nautical terminology at his first cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

There’s the shipowner, larger and stronger than everyone in the ship, but somewhat deaf and rather short-sighted, with a knowledge of sailing to match his eyesight. The sailors are quarrelling among themselves over captaincy of the ship, each one thinking that he ought to be captain, though he has never learnt that skill, nor can he point to the person who taught him or a time when he was learning it. On top of which they say it can’t be taught. In fact they’re prepared to cut to pieces anyone who says it can. The shipowner himself is always surrounded by them. They beg him and do everything they can to make him hand over the tiller to them. Sometimes, if other people can persuade him and they can’t, they kill those others or throw them overboard. Then they immobilise their worthy shipowner with drugs or drink or by some other means, and take control of the ship, helping themselves to what it is carrying. Drinking and feasting, they sail in the way you’d expect people like that to sail. More than that, if someone is good at finding them ways of persuading or compelling the shipowner to let them take control, they call him a real seaman, a real captain, and say he really knows about ships. Anyone who can’t do this they treat with contempt, calling him useless. They don’t even begin to understand that if he is to be truly fit to take command of a ship a real ship’s captain must of necessity be thoroughly familiar with the seasons of the year, the stars in the sky, the winds, and everything to do with his art. As for how he is going to steer the ship – regardless of whether anyone wants him to or not – they do not regard this as an additional skill or study which can be acquired over and above the art of being a ship’s captain. If this is the situation on board, don’t you think the person who is genuinely equipped to be captain will be called a stargazer, a chatterer, of no use to them, by those who sail in ships with this kind of crew? Plato, Book VI of the Republic-allegory about governance and democracy]

The Doors also had something to say, or rather sing, about the ‘ship of fools’. Very appropriate considering coronavirus and global warming! Lots of songs using the words and ideas.

Back to weddings, in the long term there are also changes afoot for weddings. Venues currently with a license may well be worried by the proposed freedoms to have weddings wherever the couple likes, and it will be the celebrants who will be licensed. A lot more of the paperwork will also be online and the ‘ceremony’ will have less form, brides and grooms organising the wording and events as they wish subject to agreement with regulated celebrants andthe place for the wedding. Here is a brief outline from The Law Commission describing the changes to weddings.

Stay safe.

Welsh Government’s Guidance on weddings and civil partnerships can be found here, must get around to reviewing it:

https://gov.wales/guidance-marriages-and-civil… and the frequently asked questions at: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance…

To read the current Government guidance on getting married in England please follow this link: COVID-19: Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships.

You may also want to read the frequently asked questions sections of the guidance: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do.

Other matters today:

  1. Posted the presentation USB of the last wedding along with the prints. Should be there tomorrow which is good because it is a large letter/parcel so needs to be handed over.
  2. Watched the Germany verses Spain football with my son last night and enjoyed it along with a beer, nachos, melted cheese and jalapenos. Lots of football in the UEFA Nations League, other things to do ao may need to be selective. England play Iceland tomorrow, just cannot imagine enjoying the game!
  3. Oona still suffering with bouts of pain, physio tomorrow, hope that helps.
  4. Write this blog.

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