1st August 2020 Now for 90 minutes of distraction! Day 131 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN Now for 90 minutes of distraction!  131

AND do you recognize this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

The usual length for a ceremony is 25 minutes in a registry office or hotel venue and nearly an hour in a church, longer in a church if its a nuptial mass, a full service. I don’t charge more or less either way, there to record the solemnity of i all as well as the positive emotion. Look forward to when they can happen as .normal. Here are links to the governments coronavirus guidance on marriages and civil partnerships. A football game is three times longer.

Thoroughly enjoyed the FA Cup Final, good football at both ends and great goals. Downed a couple of Guinesses too. Good to sit and enjoy it with my son who loves his football even if City are not playing. We just enjoy good football.

Shorter post today, don’t want to bore you or spoil you.

Other matters today:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Oh dear, still no yoga today. We had a lovely walk by the Dee and I cycled to Eccleston Village on my newly repaired bike. Fell off when I got there because my foot got caught in the peddles, the have toe-clips but I call them ‘rat-traps’ and I could not get my trainer out. No harm done, fell on grass but I am getting a more bespoke cycle shoes so it doesn’t happen again.
  2. It was almost exactly a year ago I was at Chester Town Hall for a wedding, did two there in that week, more on the second tomorrow.
    Small weddings are not uncommon, last year i attended a number of smaller and more intimate ceremonies. This was a small wedding at Chester Town Hall, everyone attending is in the picture.
    The Town Hall has a special room for bridal preparations just before going into the ceremony.
    A chance for final close moments with the family before the ceremony.
    Ceremony over a refreshing drinks reception on the balcony, happy faces all around.
    A newlywed portrait surrounded by the lippars, arches and sumptuous decor.
    And an indoor confetti moment with people gathered above. I also did one with the couple on the stairs too. Beautiful stained glass windows but not the best lit spot, needed some fill flash too.
  3. Write this blog, shorter today, football!

Spent the day with lovely Oona. She doesn’t mind us watching the football and we try not to overdo it!

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