31st July 2020 Whack a mole! 130 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN Whack-a-mole! Day 130

AND do you recognize this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

One of my strengths as a photographer, and indeed as a small business, is that I work with people to achieve their hopes and needs to make the images they like and want from their event, especially weddings. As a sole trader it dos not get much more local than that. Discussing what people would like gets very ‘granular’, detailed. That is why I have so many great reviews of Richard Linnett Photography.

This is not how the government has dealt with the pandemic. They have tried to centralize control instead of working with local health specialists and those trained to deal with contagious infections.. Money has been wasted on big deals with companies whether it is track and trace or testing to provide a national service which is missing that local linkage, and now they are playing catch-up with informing, and possibly misinforming local authorities. What a Hancock-up! I am sure it is not a new joke but I haven’t actually heard it used.

It is like living in a cartoon living with this government. Whack-a-mole! Classic Johnson, world beating gibberish! AND how big are these moles when it is most of the North West now in household lockdown. AND on a selfish note, does no households meeting indoors in Lancashire and Greater Manchester mean no weddings? People need clarity, and cleverer people than I just cant work it out, because it is not wise to say households cannot meet up indoors but everyone is allowed to go down the pub together! Either health is important and comes first or it doesn’t. AND where is the equivalent economic support for these local and regional lockdowns?, Equivalent to the national efforts of the treasury when everything went bad at the beginning and they said ‘whatever it takes’. Yet more gibberish and rhetoric.

Glad I got all that of my chest, it is clearly not a ‘Tom and Jerry’ world where you can get a disease and be over it within seconds and by the episode. People are hurting, but Johnson and Cummings will be all right, they belong to ‘the elite’, bags of money to insulate themselves from it all. It was only Johnson’s arrogance that caused him to contract the virus and now he is over it he is back to business a usual.

What a terrible bunch of people you have voted in to make such important life destroying decisions!

Just got wind of the hold on changes from the 1st August. Ceremonies can still take place but not receptions. Delay is for two weeks because of increase in cases. Not good news for some. The restrictions in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire may also affect weddings that were trying to go ahead. Postponement for as long as possible is the best plan.

Other matters today:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Will get back into the yoga tomorrow, but had another enjoyable run with my son down to the Meadows and the River Dee and did essential shopping on the way back.
  2. Parts to fix my bike have arrived. Out for a cycle on probably the hottest day of the year, mad dog or Englishman?
  3. Also in July of 2015 it was my plesure to take pictures at a Plas Hafod wedding just outside of Mold for these two lovely people.
    Clearly very happy to be married.
  4. First moments alone on the hall doorstep of Plas Hafod wedding.
    Such a sunny day we were looking for shade.
    Some beautiful trees in the grounds and the rhododendrons were beautiful. This ancient yew tree made for a great place to enjoy the gardens at Plas Hafod.
  5. Write this blog.

Spent all day with lovely Oona, last of the  3 hours she will spend with the Irish and Scottish harp teachers Zooming online. Says she has a lot to carry on learning and practicing for the next few months. Look forward to hearing her practice.

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