29th July 2020 – 50 thousand £50 fix your bike vouchers. Just a stunt? Day 128 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN 50 thousand £50 fix your bike vouchers. Just a stunt? Day 128

AND do you recognize this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

It is Wednesday and I should have been at Portmeirion in North Wales photographing a wedding. I also had a cancelation for the day before yesterday, so am sorry I have not photographed two wedding already this week. I have enjoyed looking through pst engagement shoots and weddings to find images for this blog so that has been enjoyable. I have also had time today to do some repairs on my bike today hence the title of the blog. I own a wonderful Claude Butler bike that I think I bought in 1983. It is a little bit ragged and chipped around the edges after 37 years of riding it, admittedly not continuously, it has spent some time in various sheds over the years too. Recently the chain sets mysteriously both came off, 5 bolts holding them on appear to have snapped simultaneously! Awaiting parts to repair. Cleaned it up a bit and put new tape on the handlebars so should be a more comfortable ride now. Will go out with my son for some exercise as soon as it is all fixed.

I love my bike! A you can see the chain has come off the two front ‘big cogs’ because they are no longer bolted to the bike! Poor bike. This is a vintage bike and once repaired will ride as well as ever. That Brooks saddle is a challenge though!

So, I can afford to fix my bike without the government’s £50 voucher for bike repair. 

Who is going to get these vouchers? In total it is £2.5m. Could it have been better spent? The paint job (£900,000) on the aeroplane could have given us another 18,000 vouchers. We know we are not the government’s priority, don’t we?

Johnson shambles, shambles, shambles.

Other matters today:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Still rest today from yoga, but had a lovely run with my son down to the Meadows and the River Dee.
  2. Last of the scones today, will be making fruit cake tomorrow.
  3. Also 4 years ago in July I had a lovely time at Formby looking for red squirrels with another lovely couple. We didn’t see any squirrels but had a great time roaming the dunes amongst the pine trees.
    An engagement shoot somewhere a bit different, the red squirrel sanctuary at Formby.
    This was I believe where they were when the proposal was made! If there is place which the couple feel is particularly romantic or lifestyle important to them. then I am happy to travel to such a location. The engagement shoot is usually free, but travel expenses may apply.
    Trees have always been important in my photography. I love their shapes, textures, colours and scale for making a wonderful background. I this case the exposed roots added to the image too.
    Always a variety of images on an engagement shoot, i want the client to see how I photograph them and give them plenty of choice when it comes to prints and albums.
    I always play wiht the angle too, by going low here I can get a backlight from the sky.
  4. Write this blog.

Spent all day with lovely Oona, she is on the second day of her virtual harp technique ‘camp’/course and enjoying it greatly. The lack of gigs is giving us time to catch up on other things we enjoy, so always a silver lining.

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