28th July 2020 Finding it difficult to watch the government on TV anymore? Day 127 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN Finding it difficult to watch the government on TV anymore? Day 127

AND do you recognize this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

I cannot watch Johnson on the TV anymore. What he has to say, his body language, and the way the media treat him is just nauseating. Ministers have stopped appearing on News Night and on any programme that might challenge them properly on their record. It suits them, and the way I feel about them right now, it suits me too. However, it does appear to be a plan on their part to avoid scrutiny and any hard questions about their performance. It also means fewer opportunities to make the reasons behind actions clear, although there have also been many cases of when Ministers have appeared and they have contradicted each other!

I am always available to answer any questions about my photographic work. I prefer an open and transparent approach to all issues with my clients. With the coronavirus lockdown I have been offering Skype consultations with anyone interested in booking me for their wedding. This is without obligation although most all people end up booking!

Would really like to see more transparent government too, in fact I would be quite happy if Johnson and Co. just disappeared altogether!

Other matters today:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Rest day today, letting a couple of sore muscles recover.
  2. Making more scones today and might finish off with a rhubarb and apple pie.
  3. Also 4 years ago in July was this lovely wedding in Ness Gardens. The Rock Garden provides a great background for the ceremony and there are lovely walks to go on to get some great wedding day images. I have also included a few of the engagement shoot which was also at ness gardens we=hen we walked through the ceremony and tried to find places we all liked for the wedding images.
    A beautiful spring day at Ness GArdens for an engagement shoot.
    Lots of water at Ness Gardens to include in the image. Love those daisies to.
    The bench was set up just asking for a set of images with Wales int he background across the River Dee.
    Given away by your brother and …
    …by your brother too!
    Witnessed by your Mums.
    The Rock Garden at Ness Gardens is where the ceremony takes place and the tiers of flowers make for a very colourful background and foreground.
    Made up an album for them afterwards, here combining images of the flowers I too with images of them as newlyweds.
    The lakes and ponds make for some beautiful reflections.
  4. Write this blog.

Spent all day with lovely Oona, she is on the second day of her virtual harp technique ‘camp’/course and enjoying it greatly. The lack of gigs is giving us time to catch up on other things we enjoy, so always a silver lining.

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