26th July 2020 Will anyone coming back from Spain self isolate for 2 week?! Day 125 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN Will anyone coming back from Spain self isolate for 2 week?! Day 125

AND do you recognize this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

'You are an old cynic!' I hear you cry. And there is me trying to be all
optimistic, and then a second wave begins. This government this
time does the right thing with an immediate 2 week self isolation for
anyone returning from Spain, however it has lost the fight to get
people to do the right thing because it has made so many mistakes
in the last 6 months.

People have run out of common sense just when we need it

We have one of the best National Health Service in the world and
one of the highest death tolls. It is not the NHS to blame, but the
decision makers, Johnson and Co.

Feel for the tourists that simply wanted a sunny beach holiday in
Spain but they just went too early. That's what happens when you
put money before people. You were encouraged to go and then
this happens.

Johnson and Co. have much to answer for.

Other matters today:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. ‘Pyramid Pose’. Stand like an egyptian?
  2. Cut the lawn, weeded the garden, something for the green bin.
  3. And three years ago I had just completed a  wedding at Knowsley hall in Liverpool. Fantastic time had by all.
    Wonderful wedding at Knowsley Hall, I even got to ride in the Rolls Royce!
    Wonderful atmosphere in the ornate guilt reception room where the ceremonies take place.
    Very moving for Mum.
    Difficult to think  of  a more impressive background than this at Knowsley Hall for your wedding.
    We all loved the Rolls Royces.
    Walking up that colonnade, you won’t often get such things all to yourself.
    Great place for a portrait together.
    Lots of entertainment, easy to good hooked in!
    Quick change of clothes for the evening. And let the dancing commence!
    Great to hear live music!
    Then outside to catch your breath and the sunset.
  4. Write this blog

Spent all day with lovely Oona, we gardened today to get it done before tomorrows heavy rain.

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