22nd July 2020 I have not been distracted by government lies and spin today, did some living! 121 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN I have not been distracted by government lies and spin today, did some living! Day 121

AND do you recognize this?

These images come from earlier lock pictures.


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

Haven’t followed the news much today. Daresay the government are trying to distract us all from what they are really doing, part of which is to be busy lining the pockets of rich Russian oligarchs buying up London, and of course lining their own pockets into the bargain. Nothing is safe in their hands. 

Other matters today:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. ‘Hero Pose’. That’s me.
  2. Running through the sand dunes and paddling in the sea, happy days!
  3. Using the camera today with a neutral density filter to extend the exposure time. Unfortunately despite the cloudy conditions it was still too bright down on the beach and I could only get down to 1 second at F22 at ISO L1, the latter was for you nerdy types. The clouds have got a but wispy blurry and the wave crests have merged to white. Would perhaps need another 9 secs to get that ethereal glassy look to the sea and for the clouds to begin to really race in the sky. Interesting richness to the colours though without me riching things up in Photoshop.
    Point of Ayre Lighthouse at Talacre.
    This is the Talacre lighthouse at the Point of Ayre just east of Prestatyn, I thought the cranes in the distance were Liverpool but of course they must be Birkenhead. Would live to do an engagement shoot there sometime when the crowds are not. Plenty of room on the beach today for social distancing. Love an engagement shoot.

    With the Wirral in the background of the picture above I am reminds of a lovely engagement shoot I did at the Leasowe lighthouse.

    Engagement shoot Leasowe Lighthouse.
    Leasowe lighthouse engagement shoot.
    Meeting people in their favourite places.
    One of my first engagement shoots this lovely couple enjoyed walking along the coastal path, views of Liverpool in the background.
    Engagement shoot on the Wirral shore at Leasowe lighthouse.
    Stormy weather out on the Irish Sea, but they have each other.
    Fun on an engagement shoot.
    Engagement shoots can be a real laugh! It is always a fun time to be with a newly together couple,
    Engaged couple put their heads together.
    A bit more thoughtful this time,
    Engaged couple shoot with their pet dog.
    It is a much bigger lighthouse at Leasowe! the couple look great and the dog looks heroic. Quite happy to include pets especially if they are part of the couples special place. Love those boots!
    Looking into the storm.
    Stormy Irish Sea weather, but the hold hans and look forward to good times ahead.
    Engaged couple look into each others eyes, ahhh!
    Nothing to worry about, you have each other, and the dog is there for the both of you too!
  4. Write this blog..

Spent all day with lovely Oona, walking, paddling and running together.

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