21st July 2020 Why did Johnson suppress the Russia Report? 120 in the UK

POST LOCKDOWN Why did Johnson suppress the Russia Report?  Day 120

AND do you recognize this?


Staying at home! – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

Of course the  Government was always alert to Russian interference in referendum elections. That is what you expect, who would doubt them!

Of course the money paid to the Conservative Party by rich Russians was donated because they are such lovely people and not to get any favourable treatment.

Of course the negative press would not have affected the last election of Johnson and the Conservatives, it was just not the right time to publish it.

Of course the country is safe in Conservative  hands, as safe as we in their hands concerning coronavirus.

I try in my business to be honest and ethical, it seems the government does not understand the meaning of either of these words. Being feral it is all about what’s good for them.

Other matters today:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Missed today, visiting my Mum.
  2. No walking or running today, catch up tomorrow. Might go to the seaside tomorrow, take some pictures.
  3. Love my job and looking forward to some work in August.
    Bride and groom walk up country footpath together and exchange looks..
    I always like it when a bride and groom turn to each other when walking towards me. I am not important.
    Close up of newlyweds and their first dance.
    I like to get in close too, this could be with a zoom lens but sometime it means tracking them and getting closer!
    Rufford Old Hall hand fasting ceremony.
    This hand fasting ceremony encouraged a number of people to speak as the couple got married at Rufford Old Hall.
    Shrewsbury Castle wedding.
    Romeo and Juliet wedding photograph at Laura’s Tower in Shrewsbury Castle.
    Mum kisses bride and daiughter.
    Last kiss between Mum and Daughter before the wedding ceremony at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel.
  • Write this blog.

Looking forward to spending all day tomorrow with lovely Oona. More football watching with my son this evening, he’s a Manchester City supporter, me I just like watching good football, let’s hope we see some.

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