30th June 2020 – Coronavirus I AM STILL IN LOCKDOWN, LOTS ARE NOT! Day 99 in the UK

I AM STILL IN Coronavirus LOCKDOWN, looks like lots are not! – Day 99

Tripod leg locks.
This is my travel tripod with legs that lock out in different positions depending on how high off the ground I want the camera to be.

I AM STILL Staying at home – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

All day making a 90 second video! Give me stills photography any day!!

Link for the video can be found at O’Carolan Lockdown Challenge.

I am pooped, so going to sit and watch football and I might have a beer.

Our lives in the blog:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Today we did the ‘Crow pose’ or not as the case was! I could do this kind of hand stand as a child but will need months of practice to regain the confidence and balance.
  2. Only had time for Yoga today, rest of the day on the computer editing.
  3. Some of the images used in the video.
    Oona Linnett harpist and the bluebells.
    This was taken at Dunham Massey a couple of years ago during the Spring Bluebell flowering. This is Oona’s small Celtic harp. Listen to sound clips of Oona on her website at www.oonalinnett.com.
    Oona with her celtic harp beneath a tree and the Sun.
    It was a lovely Spring day and the sun shone through the fresh leaves beautifully. We found the best bluebells near the car park! This one didn’t make it onto the video, portrait, needed to be landscape.
    Oona relaxing with her celtic harp.
    We enjoyed taking a set of pictures with Oona’s celtic harp in the forest and with the bluebells.
  4. Write this blog.

Less time spent today with Oona personally, lots of time with her lovely image.


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