27th June 2020 – Coronavirus I AM STILL IN LOCKDOWN, LOTS ARE NOT! Day 96 in the UK

I AM STILL IN Coronavirus LOCKDOWN, looks like lots are not! – Day 96

Phone held in tipod.
This is how I have my phone on my desk, locked into a little tripod.

I AM STILL Staying at home – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

I think it has all been too much to bear for most of us. No more the stoic getting on and doing the hard thing, no more blitz spirit, no more the call for common sense. We are rudderless, no internal compass, no guiding light. Could be all downhill now with everyone doing what is right in their own eyes.

Thanks Johnson, thanks Cummings, thanks Starmer.

Our lives in the blog:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Today we had a rest from yoga.
  2. Lovely walk today, partly in the rain exploring footpaths by the River Dee. Rest day from power walking.
  3. The first dance by the newlyweds completed it is a free-for-all with lots of different dance styles and levels of competence!
    Guy lifts woman in dramatic dance move.
    These guests literally got carried away dancing at this wedding reception at Chester Town Hall.
    Bridesmaid enjoys twirling her dress.
    The children cannot stop dancing, this young bridesmaid loved twirling her dress at the Grosvenor Hotel in Chester.
    Guests dancing at a wedding.
    Weddings are a time when family and friends can dance and let their hair down!
    Bride dancing with her two young children in her arms.
    This beautiful young bride had two beautiful young children and enjoyed dancing with them. This was at the Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port.
    Bride and bridesmaid hugging and dancing.
    Brides and their bridesmaids are the best of friends and many is the time I have seen them having the greatest of time doing a thing they have done often together, dance!
    Boy shows off his dance moves at wedding reception.
    Boys like to show off too dancing at the wedding reception.
    Marilyn Monroe bride.
    These fans were there to keep everyone cool at a hot summer wedding at Shearsby Bath. I took the opportunity to do a Marilyn Monroe moment.
  4. Write this blog.

More time spent today with Oona and my son, just chilling and helping him with job applications.


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