25th June 2020 – Coronavirus I AM STILL IN LOCKDOWN, LOTS ARE NOT! Day 94 in the UK

I AM STILL IN Coronavirus LOCKDOWN, looks like lots are not! – Day 94

Wire bike lock.
Did some maintenance on the bikes today for big ride tomorrow. This is my wire lock.

I AM STILL Staying at home – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

Did a lot of image editing today in WordPress reducing the size of files to give me more space in my memory. Apparently I have used 3Gb! Still it was great to go back through the catalogue of images and remind myself of all the lovely people I have met as a wedding and portrait photographer.

Another thing today is that I took a ‘small wedding’ booking, so some are working their way through the semi-lockdown conditions. It required discussion around location and social distancing, but it will be great to get behind a lens again and do something I love.

So busy I almost missed the latest report of a ‘serious incident declared’ on Bournemouth beach. It is a place I know well from a student summer job I did in a hotel on the south coast many many years ago. I have often referred to Mr Johnson as a ‘Donkey’, first world war reference. Perhaps he was down there giving rides! This would surprise me, he was shaking hands with Covid patients at the beginning and had to do a ‘U’ turn on that, but he is getting use to doing those, no wisdom.

Mr Johnson said he was relying on British common sense, well there you have it. Hottest day of the year and the ‘mad dogs and Englishmen’ are out in the midday sun. Clearly we are not all lions, as this beach behaviour and the ‘black lives matter’ campaign show. Apparently the highest UV levels ever recorded, I got a bit of an overdose yesterday and have been wearing sun cream today.

Clearly Johnson has put the economy first and we will all suffer for it.

Money, money, money.

Our lives in the blog:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Today it was ‘Warrior 2 Pose’.
  2. Cake cutting can be an interesting thing to photograph. For some it is a classic moment, for others it is a chance to have some fun!
    Peckforton Castle wedding cake cutting.
    Don’t be deceived by the perspective! Although at this Peckforton Castle wedding they did use a large sword and the wedding cake was large.

    Abbots Well wedding cake cutting.
    This bride and groom had indoor fireworks for their cake cutting at their Christmas wedding at Abbots Well in Chester.

    Plas Isaf cake cutting at wedding with Mum!
    The bride and groom wanted Mum in on the cake shot because she had made it including all the intricate icing flower decorations. Plas Isaf wedding.

    Bride and groom really cut the cake.
    And then the bride and groom got on with cutting the cake!

    Bride and groom cut and eat cake at Plas Isaf.
    It has become a more frequent thing that the cake is actually cut by the bride and groom and they feed each other a piece before everyone else at Shearsby Bath.

    Wedding cake cutting at Hillbark Hotel on the Wirral.
    Here at Hillbark Hotel the bride and groom doi a traditional cutting of the cake.

    Bride feeds groom wedding cake at Chester Town Hall wedding.
    At Chester Town Hall having used a ceremonial sword to cut the cake the groom ‘enjoyed’ the first slice fed to him by his new wife.
  3. Write this blog.

More time spent today with Oona on the hottest day of the year so far.


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