24th June 2020 – Coronavirus I AM STILL IN LOCKDOWN, LOTS ARE NOT! Day 93 in the UK

I AM STILL IN Coronavirus LOCKDOWN, looks like lots are not! – Day 93

Print transport tubes.
This is how i receive and send larger prints, locked into thick cardboard tubes with extra sellotape over the ends.

I AM STILL Staying at home – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

I AM STILL Keeping safe

So this is the latest information from the governments on the FAQs page, links have been provided:

Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do after 4 July

Updated 24 June 2020

1.17 Can weddings go ahead?

Yes, from 4 July, weddings and civil partnerships will be allowed to take place. You should only invite close friends and family, up to a maximum of 30 people. The wedding exception is for wedding ceremonies only. Large wedding receptions or parties should of course not be taking place. Wedding celebrations can only happen when people follow the guidance of six people outdoors, support bubbles, or two households indoors or outdoors. It is critical for these guidelines to be observed to keep you and your family and friends as safe as possible.


My reading of this is tha the 30 number does not include ‘suppliers’ such as the registrars, vicars, photographers (me!), harpists (Oona!), etc. Would like further clarity on this too as Oona and I might be included in the guests numbers and in that case we can attend. It is like the government doesn’t understand weddings resulting in more questions than answers.

Earlier in the advice it also says ‘It will be against the law to gather in groups larger than 30 people, except for a limited set of circumstances to be set out in law and unless all members of the group are exclusively from two households’. This would imply that suppliers would be a part of the 30 number. Of course the limited circumstances may be clarified so that suppliers can be additional to the number of guests. 

Registry offices would seem to be the simple model of a wedding that they are thinking of with only the two registrars present.

Johnson specifically mentioned church weddings yesterday in his statement in The House of Commons. Church weddings will be allowed to take place with the same 30 guest maximum presumably including the vicar or priest. What about other suppliers?

It is also only for ceremonies, no receptions, only ‘celebrations’ in a small group of six outside, or in support bubbles which are also very limited, or two households indoors or outdoors. If the ‘celebrations’ were in a public space I could perhaps photograph these smaller groups of people at a 2m social distance.

Wedding venues not mentioned specifically, but I assume at best they will only be able to offer smaller weddings and no family gathering, drinks reception or big wedding breakfast afterwards.  

So it is as clear as mud, thank you Mr Johnson, or should we say Mr Cockup.

Our lives in the blog:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Today it was ‘Warrior 2 Pose’.
  2. The evening entertainment at a wedding can come in all sorts of guises. Here are just a few examples.
    Bride does rodeo.
    This bride and groom hired a rodeo steer for the abundant amusement of all at Cranage Hall.

    1920s bridesmaids dresses really set this wedding of as different.
    1920s Bridesmaids dresses and dancing like flappers – the ladies had a great time enjoying the moment! Wedding took place at Best Westons Forest Hills in Frodsham.

    Peckforton Castle - birds of prey wedding entertainment display
    Birds of Prey display on a wet day in the Great Hall at Peckforton Castle, many of the ladies at the wedding got involved.

    Groom entertains wedding guests with live music.
    Here at Bramhall Hall the groom did a turn entertaining wedding guests with live music.
  3. Write this blog.

More time spent today with Oona. Dinner was cooked for us yesterday by one son and today by another, good to have a rest.


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