22th June 2020 – Coronavirus STILL IN LOCKDOWN Day 91 in the UK

STILL IN Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 91

Hoze trigger.
Bought a new hozelock recently but got this from Tesco, much cheaper and seems very well made with more variation on output types.

STILL Staying at home – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

STILL Keeping safe

So sad what has happened in Reading and my thoughts do go out to the victims and their families. At least they have the person that did it and can find out why. I am not one to jump to conclusions, and I always ask whether there was something I or we could have done to reduce the risk of such things happening to people. That is not a problem to be solved in the short term, but we must have a strategy to deal with disaffected asylum seekers who must be on our radar and this person was known to the security services and had a violent record. 

We also need to ask deeper questions about our foreign policy. There has been very little to call ethical in the way we have treated places like Libya, Iraq or Yemen, just to name three. This ties, in my mind, into the ‘black lives matter’ campaign and we need a much more positive and proactive approach making friends overseas and not enemies. I am of course just a humble photographer but our imperial past, our ‘us first’ attitude and a desire to make money before everything else will lead us into the same trouble.

Today was also Windrush Day, remembering the people who came to this country to help it rebuild. The same ‘hostile environment’ that tried to deport many of these hard working people is how we have treat people in other countries and those seeking asylum here. Not all asylum seekers are terrorists but some are not discerning enough.

We need to build bridges with and between people not walls.

Our lives in the blog:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Today we did ‘Warrior One Yoga Pose’, ‘builds strength, lengthens and shapes the legs’.
  2. Great walk in the woods today, very few people. Apparently central Chester is heaving with people not socially distancing. Not for me!
  3. Getting the table settings right and seating plans right! A lot of time goes into thinking about these things, especially the seating plan, you want everyone talking happily about the day and the newlyweds!
    Guests check the wedding breakfast seating plan.
    The seating plan at most weddings is a unique work of art.
    Wedding breakfast guests around their table.
    I go around the wedding breakfast table before the food turns up making sure everyone is in the picture sitting with family and friends.
    Bride and groom talk to guests seated at wedding breakfast.
    Some brides and grooms make a decision to walk around to every table at the wedding breakfast to make sure they have talked to everyone attending. Hillbark Hotel on the Wirral has a balcony above the main hall which makes it easy to get these images.
    Post wedding breakfast entertainment, bingo!
    At this wedding in Plas Isaf they played a game of ‘bingo’ with a lot of dancing and actions as well as prizes.
    Wedding day bingo game.
    Everyone played, including the bride and groom, a very interactive game of bingo called by the best man. Lots of arm waving involved.
  4. Write this blog.

More time spent today with Oona, realised in the morning we didn’t have any afternoon tea cake! Oona saved the day with some of her wonderful scones. We had some lovely ‘Bonne Maman’ Strawberry Conserve and we whipped ‘double Elmlea Plant’ and it was pretty good. looked right anyway!!


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