20th June 2020 – Coronavirus STILL IN LOCKDOWN Day 89 in the UK

STILL IN Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 89

Wingnut lock for crochet yarn winder.
This is a crazy gizmo for winding crochet yarn. Classic wingnut bolt securing it to the shelf.

STILL Staying at home – STILL Protecting the NHS – STILL saving lives

STILL Keeping safe

2m, 1.5m or 1m? Leadership needed.

I have already said that I have faith in scientists. Unfortunately there are two issues with this. Sometimes they buckle under political pressure. The other issues is politicians. I can live with scientists disagreeing, they are looking for facts, they do not claim to have found them categorically. Just give me the details as they stand, even if they are subject to debate.

Politicians should not be filtering this evidence of risk or taking other economic issues into account. If you have a healthy population then you will have a healthy economy. Government should be there to support people through the bad times because part of governing is to build up resilience during the good times. People like Johnson cream away the surplus during the good times, run down essential services so that they are not there during time of trouble. Remember the Joseph story in the bible about the Pharaoh’s dream of 7 years of plenty and seven years of famine. Joseph advised him wisely and they stockpiled resources when they could and got through the bad times. Johnson is just not wise enough to be Prime Minister.

Come on Britain, get a grip and get rid of people like Johnson at the top, they do not have your best interests at heart, only their own.

Get a grip, get a grip, get a grip.

Our lives in the blog:

  1. The Foundations of Yoga‘. Today we did ‘Corpse pose’, bit worrying.
  2. Dryer today, need to get out for some air today.
  3. Receiving line. This is an interesting tradition with the bride and groom, along with possibly others greeting their guest again as they enter to sit down for their wedding breakfast. We call it a wedding breakfast even though it might be in the evening, possibly a religious link for the fast during the ceremony, or perhaps weddings were normally morning affairs.
    Receiving line hugging and kissing.
    The receiving line is a chance to congratulate, hug and kiss at a wedding, in this case at Doubletree by Hilton in Chester.
    Bride shows friend her wedding ring.
    The receiving line can be an opportunity to admire the ring for the first time.
    Bride and groom wait with the Toastmaster before entering the wedding breakfast.
    Once everyone has been received the bride and groom wait to make their grand entrance. In this case at Wrenbury Hall they talk to the Toastmaster who will announce them.
  4. Write this blog.

More time spent today with Oona, so much better than when I use to go to work at 6am in the morning and not get home until 7pm. Those were my teaching days, a lot of sacrifices made back then.  


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