23rd May 2020 – Coronavirus LOCKDOWN Day 61 in the UK

Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 61

Radiator drain key.
This is a great little key for opening the top of radiators so you can drain them.

Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Keep safe

One rule for them, another for us.

I have wanted to go to Edinburgh for some time to collect my son who is doing his Masters Degree at the University. He is well, but in lockdown, unable to get home. We are in Chester and feel it inappropriate to be travelling up to get him. That seems to be in the spirit as well as the letter of lockdown and the reasons for it. We Skype regularly and stay in touch on Messenger but we are continuously anxious for him.

So, we are ‘tad’ upset, to put it mildly, and perplexed, that the Prime Ministers chief aid can travel from London to Durham while Covid-19 positive. Stay at a residence close to his older Mum an Dad who he then asks to look after his young child. Where do you start? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The North East has a serious outbreak of the disease, potentially importing more this way is why we had a lockdown.

Is it that Cummings think we do not love our children as much as he does?

Did Johnson know about this breaking of the lockdown and did he say it was OK?

What does it say for the Durham Police that Number 10 says they didn’t talk to Cummings and remind him of the lockdown rules?

Johnson and Cummings are unfit for high office or to be anywhere near it.

Johnson and Cummings should resign. 

When are the British public going to wise up to these people.

our lives:

  1. Today we did Adriene’s ‘Yoga for Gardeners, done a bit of that recently. Here is the link for this months calendar.
  2. Power walk in the wind through the woods. only noticed one new tree down.
  3. Washed down and caulked! Ready for painting. One more day to wait for it all to be completely dried out.
  4. Having photographed the wedding dress, see my previous blog, there is always the jewellery. Spent a happy hour recently helping someone with their camera and one of their objectives was to be able to photograph jewellery for their online shop.
    Wedding rings.
    Close up of wedding rings with the front of the overlapping rings in focus. Macro lenses have narrow depths of field so the back of the ring is out of focus.
    Wedding ring hallmarks.
    This is the same pair of wedding rings. Here the macro lens focuses on the back of the rings to get the hallmarks. Love the specular highlight on the blurred diamond in this wedding ring.
    Male wedding jewellery, cufflinks.
    Mens wedding jewellery usually means cufflinks. Getting in close especially if they are personalised is very important.
    Wedding accessories for the bride.
    Bridal accessories have been very carefully chosen and always get photographed given the opportunity, usually if i am photographing wedding preparations. No window here so bedside light and flash through a softbox.
    Close up of a wedding tiara.
    Wedding tiara of pearls and diamonds. A macro lens can get you closer and give more detail than perhaps even the human eye.
  5. Write this blog.

Spent all day with Oona, last of the carrot and walnut cakes today, been promised chocolate cake for tomorrows afternoon tea.

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