22nd May 2020 – Coronavirus LOCKDOWN Day 60 in the UK

Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 60

Dish washer locks.
Both the dish washer tablet and rinse aid doors have locks on them,

Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Keep safe

So two months in lockdown. Well, cabin fever has not taken us yet and we have been able to stay clear of the virus thus far. As wedding suppliers of music and photography Oona and I can only do practice and administrative work from home, indeed the idea of going to a wedding and actually performing now seems pretty strange. I keep my hand in the photography with improving my use of Photoshop and writing this blog, and some Skypeing with clients and those taking up the free offer of an hour with your camera and your manual. Oona practices regularly to keep her repertoire fresh and even adding to it.

our lives:

  1. Today we did Adriene’s ‘Chilling and Meditation for Anxiety’? Here is the link for this months calendar.
  2. Power walk rest today, bit blowy out there, but still sunny.
  3. Not said much about DIY recently, today I ended my love affair with paper and paste, bedroom will be ready for painting after I have caulked corners tomorrow and allowed the paper to fully dry.
  4. This bright sunlight we have been enjoying reminds me that whenever I do bridal preparations I always include, when I can a picture of the dress, often hanging in a window or a doorway partially lit or back-lit by sunshine. Sumlit is the best form of light.
    Wedding dress in window light, side-lit.
    Usually a more high key picture a wedding dress side-lit by sun light from a window.
    Wedding dress details in the sunlight from a window.
    A bride will want the images to remind them of the detail of their wedding and this includes the dress. Window light adds a softness to such images.
    Lower key image of wedding dress with shoes in window light.
    This is the same wedding dress and the same window, but in a lower key effect and the shoes added.
    Wedding dress hanging in the sunlit window.
    A dress hanging in the window with bright sunlight streaming through. Brides want the details and the atmosphere recorded in their images. Images the groom only gets to see later.
    Wedding dress backlit in the doorway.
    This door opens onto a ‘Secret Garden’ at Pentre Mawr wedding venue. The the way the detail shows up here.
  5. Write this blog.

Spent all day with Oona, wonderful food again today.

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