21st May 2020 – Coronavirus LOCKDOWN Day 59 in the UK

Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 59

Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Keep safe

Test,track and trace. UK farce.

Better news with non-UK citizens working in the NHS and care not now being required to pay to use the NHS. They have lived and died for us and Johnson wanted to charge them for using the very sevices they support and underpin. Just more hostility from the Conservatives.

Conservative is just another spelling of selfish.

My life:

  1. Today we did Adriene’s ‘Let It Go Yoga Flow’, but who is Yoga Flow? Here is the link for this months calendar.
  2. Oona led the power walk today, more remote fields and countryside.
  3. Yesterday I posted countryside images, today we are more town and city and even urban.
    Newlywed portrait at Southport.
    This taken outside The Vincent Hotel in Southport, beautiful couple.
    Newlyweds arrive for reception at the grosvenor Hotel in Chester.
    Arriving at the Grosvenor Hotel in the heart of Chester.
    Newlyweds kiss in front of breeze block wall.
    It’s the contrast and unexpectedness that makes it different. This was a little outhouse in a secret garden presumably where the tractor was stored.

    Engagement shoot by the canal.
    Lots of times a brick wall and wide perspective can create an interesting composition. This was taken by a canal near Christleton.
  4. Write this blog.

Spent all day with Oona, wonderful food again today.

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