18th May 2020 – Coronavirus LOCKDOWN Day 56 in the UK

Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 56

Bowen fitting.
This is the reflector hood for one of my studio lights, bit abstract. The three metal lugs lock it onto the front of the light. It’s called a ‘Bowen fitting’!

Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Keep safe

I am keeping it simple today!

My life:

  1. We are doing Adriene’s ‘bedtime yoga sequence’ and will tell you how it goes tomorrow. Here is the link for this months calendar.
  2. Power walk led by Oona. Into mysterious parts of the wood we have not trod before.
  3. As I was posting my early weddings yesterday I thought also about where I have photographed and what have been the most distant events I have covered.
    Lakeside Hotel wedding.
    To the north. Beautiful people in a beautiful spot by Lake Windermere.
    Portmeirion wedding.
    In the west. This is Portmeirion where I shot a beautiful smaller wedding. North Wales.
    Shrewsbury Castle wedding.
    To the south. Enjoyed this couples wedding at Shrewsbury Castle and Laura’s Tower. Shropshire.
    Shearsby Bath Leicestershire wedding.
    In the east we have Shearsby Bath in Leicestershire.

    Lake Vrynwy Wedding.
    Mid-Wales Lake Vrynwy for this young couples wedding.
  4. Write this blog.

Spent all day with Oona. Oona made these amazing carrot and walnut muffins today. We are enjoying the new kitchen. I continue to spend much of the day DIYing. By the way, when you prop a scaffold board up, make sure you stand it securely, otherwise it might fall over and hit you on the head while you are bending down mixing wallpaper paste. Lesson learnt.

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