17th May 2020 – Coronavirus LOCKDOWN Day 55 in the UK

Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 55

Nozzle lock.
This nozzle has an off lock to avoid accidental spray.

We follow Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish advice on what to do at the moment. No faith or confidence in the ‘English’ leadership. If I were Scottish I would want to break away from Westminster, in fact I am English and want to break away! I fully understand why teachers, unions, many city mayors and councils in England do not want to open Schools and many do not want to go back to work. The reality is that nothing is in place to track and trace and isolate people that catch this disease and the ‘R’ number, for what it is worth, is in my view bound to increase. Money before people is inevitable with a Conservative Government.
Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives.

My life:

  1. We did Adriene’s ‘Morning fresh’ yoga. Here is the link for this months calendar.
  2. Power walk led by me around the fields sown I think with wheat and through Blackbird Wood.
  3. Here are some of the first weddings I ever photographed. Weddings will return!
Sale Town Hall Registry Office wedding.

    Confetti moment at Sale Town Hall.
Winter wedding Inglewood Manor.

    This was at Inglewood manor, dark was fast coming upon us at a winter wedding.

Group wedding [picture with gran and grandad kissing on the left.

Always loved this picture, have it in a sample album because of gran and grandad on the left! Taken in Llangollen.

Loggerheads newlywed portrait.

    This was taken at Loggerheads in North Wales by the stream opposite the pub by that name. Lovely couple who took a chance on me.

4. Write this blog.

Spent all day with Oona, we had lunch and afternoon tea in the front garden enjoying our two seater ‘bistro set’. So European!

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