15th May 2020 – Coronavirus LOCKDOWN Day 53 in the UK

Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 53

Mole grips.
Love these ‘mole grips’. They are great at unlocking stubborn bolts. You screw them nearly tight and then squeeze the handles together. A spring and metal piece then clench together. I also use them to open difficult screw cap cans. I think they look more insectivorous than mole like.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where politicians, our leaders cared, told you the truth however hard that truth was, and then acted in good faith to actually make things better.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where people who collected the news asked probing questions and those in charge gave actual answers to those questions.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where everyone was valued for whatever contribution they made. In a world where if someone is struggling, perhaps homeless and purposeless, perhaps living with mental illness or addiction were taken in and given the help they needed rather than be homeless.

The UK is a wealthy country, that wealth may not be evenly distributed and some have more than they need and perhaps deserve. We have a social security system which could be made to work, we just need to be generous about it.

My life:

  1. We finished 30 days of Yoga! What to do after day 30 with Adriene? oona has found a link to Adriene with today’syoga lesson! Start tomorrow.
  2. Power walk rest day, cannot say I am sorry of that yoga workout!
  3. fellas don’t get so much attention at  weddings Here are a few you might like!
    Relaxed groom canalside.
    A very relaxed groom and friends at Holiday Inn at Ellesmere Port.
    Groom portrait.
    Groom portrait. kept it simple, no heavy posing.
    Groom held aloft.
    Grooms men often enjoy some fun and games! This was taken at Cranage Hall.
    Groom with Bentley prestige car.
    The Groom loved this Bentley. Taken at the Boar’s Head which unfortunately is not a venue anymore.

    Groom and best men arrive at Bramhall Hall.
    Taken at Bramhall Hall. I am not sure I like the ‘dutch angle’ on this one.
  4. Write this blog.

Spent all day with Oona, more chocolate cake!

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