14th May 2020 – Coronavirus LOCKDOWN Day 52 in the UK

Coronavirus LOCKDOWN – Day 52

Various unused keyrings.
An eclectic collection of currently unused keyrings. My preference is for the compass and ‘The Mousehole Cat’. If you have never read this children’s book, I thoroughly recommend it. Written by Antonia Barber and illustrated by Nicola Bayley.

So we have to hope that after this is all over we have an NHS and a care service which is fit for purpose. That there are no shortages of trained medical and care staff, they have the facilities and equipment they need, and a pandemic quality store of equipment because there will be another virus someday.

In the background we need a fiscal system that generates the money, probably in the form of tax, which meets the above needs and that we have a social need led economic and political system.

Thi means that however well meant charities, philanthropy and giving are, they are not essential to keep the health estate of this country going. This is not just about the pandemic, but also relates to other diseases including cancer. That we as a society take a social stance on meeting peoples needs and not a political one. We are an extremely rich country and with a fairer redistribution of wealth and benefits we can all enjoy a brighter future.

As for politics, we need to elect people that have everyone’s interests at heart and not just their own.

My life:

  1. We did Yoga! We returned to day 29 with Adriene. ‘Intuit’, but I don’t think I understood that?!
  2. I  led the power walk today and we trode to place we had not been to before and discovered routes we had not trod. We are following Nicola Sturgeons Scottish rules about lockdown activity and have stayed local. No confidence in the ‘English’ government.
  3. Thought I would include some pictures of flowers from weddings to reflect the bright blue day we have enjoyed in Chester. Any potential brides out there may get some inspiration.
    Bridal bouquet details.
    I always photograph the details, here I combined it with detaisl of the wedding dress. The bouquet has been carefully chosen and unless pressed the photographs are the record of how beautiful they were.
    Summer bridal bouquet.
    Beautiful bridal flowers last summer. St Werburgh’s Church door.
    Bridesmaids bouquet.
    These lovely spring and summer flowers in this bridesmaids bouquet seemed very fresh to me.

    Flowers and holding hands.
    Flowers in one hand, holding hands with the other. A more classical roses approach. MacDonald Portal Hotel.
  4. Write this blog.

Spent all day with Oona, chocolate and banana cake!

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