Tree Treasure

Help the environment and plant more trees

Dunham Massey bluebells, oak tree, oona linnett,
Photograph of Oona with her cláirseach at Dunham Massey a couple of sprintimes ago. Wanted to get the bluebells in, but the oak tree in the background was very beautiful too. Trees feature in a lot of my photographs.

Something new in 2020 for both Richard Linnett Photography and Oona Linnett, harpist! Like so many people we have become increasingly alarmed for our world,  concerned about the global climate emergency. So, for every confirmed booking made with either myself or Oona, we are going to plant a tree. How this works will be that any person booking with us will receive a tree to plant as gift from us, and you can do this without your hands dirty either.

Spooky pine forest, winter in Sequoia National Park
These pines in Sequoia National Park were stunning on a frosty snowy day when we visited California a couple of years ago. image available to purchase at my Landscape, nature and fine art collection. We made it up into a stunning canvas for our home. We actually got lost in this forest it was so misty, but such a wonderfully awesome atmosphere, very primeval!

We have both joined Tree-Nation to support them in working to mitigate the effects of negative climate change. They have four large projects in Nicaragua, Colombia, Niger and Madagascar, and already have over 110 000 people and  and more than 1000 companies involved, and we believe this will get even bigger and will make a really meaningful impact on a local, regional and global scale.

Beneath a beech tree at Doubletree
I often find myself as a wedding photographer looking for a beautiful tree to photograph people beneath. In this case it was a beautiful beech tree in the grounds the Doubletree Hotel and Spa here in Chester. Defuse light and wonderful framing, not to mention bark and leaf texture, all help with the composition. it was also a bit rainy that day, so it also offered us some protection. Also included the image for the name of the hotel!

How will this work? After you have made a booking with myself or Oona, you will very shortly receive an email from Tree-Nation. The email will contain a link that will take you to our Tree-Nation page on their website where you can plant your tree. Once you’ve planted your tree, you can then reply to us with a message, you read about the species of tree you planted, its CO2 offset and what planting project you contributed to. You can also download your own tree certificate with all the information linked to your tree which is recognised as part of your CO2 off-setting. You will have officially contributed to a vital conservation project, as well as booking the music and/or photography for your event!

Sequoia National Park
I like this ‘little and large’ picture a giant sequoia in the background and the smaller pine in the foreground. Not so many people visit in the winter but all very epic for us.

We should be seeing trees as a treasure for their beauty and for their importance in helping to create in such large measure the hospitable environment that we are so fortunate to have and enables us to thrive.

‘Large-leaved lime is the rarest of our native limes and is only subtly different from small-leaved lime. The bark is darker than that of small-leaved lime, and smooth, developing flaky plates with age’. Woodland Trust

Are trees important in your work?

Let’s plant more trees!

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