Party like Gatsby – Hencote’s New Year’s Eve 2020!

So we enter the new ‘Roaring Twenties’! I hope this year and the next 10 are positive for you, optimists live longer apparently!

Hencote's New Year's Eve Party
Party like Gatsby! New Year’s Eve at Hencote’s

I had a great New Year’s Eve meeting people at Hencote’s where the champagne flowed and people turned out in their flapper art deco dresses and black tie. Great group for a picture to record how they looked. I have toned all these pictures to blend them with the 1920s look. It is a while since I did a 1920s theme, two weddings one of which was on a New Year’s Day, much fun too!

Hencot'e bubbly at The View
Pouring the bubbly at Hencote’s The View holding a New Year’s Eve Party

Vivienne the events planner booked me and I got myself a black tie and trilby just to fit in, the finishing touch to which was to add a press pass card secured by the hat band! Quite like dressing up myself, also indicated I was game to the people at the party and trying to add to the atmosphere.

Entertainment was provided with a caricaturist during the drinks reception, and then live music to celebrate late into the night.

I even managed to get some portrait shots at the piano making the link to the jazz music of the day. The piano was a great prop and allowed some separation from the rest of the restaurant busy enjoying the menu.

Couple portrait
Portrait at the piano, we don’t dress up often so a picture is important to capture that 1920s art deco and black tie look

The monkey with his Hencote wine bottle made it into most of the pictures which helped with the context and I am sure the venue will enjoys the extra advertising!

Art Deco dress at New year's Eve Party
‘Flapper’ piano portrait! it is great dressing up and being different

It is always difficult to know when enough is enough and people want to do something other than pose for you. I could take such pictures all day!

Flapper portrait at the piano Hencote's The View restaurant
Wonderful models happy to pose at the ‘Party like Gatsby’ New year’s Eve celebrations at Hencote’s ‘The View’

Chris Ryder the caricaturist had a lot of fun with guests at the beginning of the evening as they settled into the swing of things.

Chris the caricaturist at work
Chris the caricaturist found many willing subjects to be drawn in her witty style
Caricaturist Chris Ryder at work at hencote's New year's Eve Party
Chris Ryder produces outstanding and fun pictures
Caricatures by Chris Ryder
Everyone had fun with Chris Ryder’s caricatures

By way of music there was entertaniment from ‘Last Call’ a popular band from Manchester. They covered a number of contemporary and classic popular music favourites. Enjoyed it, and would have joined in the dancing.

Lead singer dressed for 1920s New Year's celebration
Really enjoyed listening to Last Call at the ‘Party Like Gatsby’ New Year’s Part at Hencot’s in Shrewsbury

They dressed for the occasion just like everyone else and were game fo photographs at the piano too.

Last Call performing at hencote's in Shrewsbury
Even managed to get the band to come up for a portriat at the piano. Called ‘Last Call’ they hail from Manchester and are available for parties and weddings

Many got up onto the dance floor to shake those beads and tassels after letting a Hencote’s ‘The View’ meal go down.

Manchester band Last Call

‘Last Call’ made the evening with classic and contemporary popular music

Many had come because they were looking for a live music event for their New Year’s celebration and ‘Last Call’ did not disappoint.

So if you are thinking of an event in the Shrewsbury area I can definitely recommend Hencote’s as a venue, Vivienne will do you proud. if it is amusing entertainment then Sue Ryder can draw you and your friends into her funny caricature world. As for music then you would do well to book Last Call for you special event, a pleasure to listen and dance to. Links to all these fabulous people can be found in the text above.

Happy New Year to all readers.

3 replies to “Party like Gatsby – Hencote’s New Year’s Eve 2020!

    1. Hi Ianus, she was not trying to play, just posing. The previous images were of musicians but none of them wanted to play the piano publically, I find musicians will often only play publically when they have the confidence to feel they can play well. I have known professional musicians who if they do not practice and perform simply stop. If they cannot play their best they don’t play at all. Playing badly, so much worse than they once played hurts them, and the pain is to great.

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