How soon should you book your wedding photographer?

September and a few people are still looking to set up their winter wedding. Most people book their photographer  at least 6 months in advance, but if you want the right photographer for busy times of year then the sooner you find the right person the better.


Winter weddings are very different and very special
Snow, white dresses, morning suit and black and white building. No challenge there for a photography

By the right photographer I mean someone not just excellent artistically and technically, but also someone who is going to probably be the anchor to the wedding, especially if you have booked a full day. This means it really has to be someone you get on with, can have fun with, and who is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure you get the wedding photographs you would like and deserve. It has to be someone who will also will your guests, family and friends deserve that too.

Presents from the newlyweds
Always a joy to know you made a difference to a wedding day and that people have not forgotten you

You cannot do enough research even into those photographers recommended by friends. You may well start with their online portfolio and short list from there, adding any that family and friends recommend from their wedding or weddings they have attended.

Barn owl brings groom the rings
Rufford Old Hall is a popular unique winter wedding venue and this was made even more so with this barn owl acting the ring bearer

Once you have a short list arrange to meet the photographer to discuss your wedding. I think this should be without charge or obligation. Key things are that they are friendly as well as professional, with a sense of humour and a sensitive listen manor. They should be enthusiastic about being creative, treating you and your day as unique opportunity to photograph you at your best. and you should also feel that pictures they take of your day will be as special as the day itself. Look at examples of their work and ask questions about how bespoke their cover of your wedding will be. Too much talk of ‘packages’ can mean they are not as careful to listen to you. Some basics to also remember is whether the photographer includes presentation of images in their offer, whether they carry professional insurance and if they are in the cost important world prepared to discount their price for a good reason.

Bride and Groom beneath the Christmas tree
Christmas wedding at Rufford Old Hall

So if you are thinking of getting married make a good photographer one of the things you book as quickly as you can and feel free to contact me, remember, no obligation! If you know someone who is getting married and you like the sound of this blogger feel free to share my details with them. I will give a 10% discount to anyone who contacts me and books a 10% discount.

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