Beautiful end of Summer wedding – Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa

Lake Vyrnwy in Mid-Wales is a wonderful setting for a lovely wedding between two very happy people. We were also fortunate that the couple booked both Oona ( to play the wedding music on her harp, and myself as their wedding photographer. The venue was very helpful and we intend to visit The Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa ourselves sometime.

We always get their early to set up and recce and then I go off to photograph the bridal preparations. E was stunning to begin with and the make up artist and hair stylist made everything as E wanted it.

Brides must look their best and everyone works hard
I always enjoy time with the bride and her friends before the wedding

E’s mother, father and sister were there to give encouragement.

Father of the bride helping with bridal preparations
Proud father of the bride takes a moment to take in the loveliness of his daughter
Bridesmaid gazes at brides dress
Sisters are important to brides! Having grown up together this is a special day, sister bridesmaids get to dress up too!
Bride and mother kissing
Mum kisses daughter for the last time before she gets married

Then there is the final moment of reveal when everyone stands back and the bride is ready! The dress is antique lace with subtle blush of dusky purple in the flowers.

Young bride is ready to go to the ceremony
Stunning bride stands in the window light of the Bridal Suit at Lake Vrynwy Hotel

Then it is down to the ceremony! A little walk and down the stairs to the drawing room which will have views of the Lake. Just outside the ceremony room the last moments for last thoughts and glances.

At the ceremony entrance door
Bride and father last looks before going into the ceremony
oona Linnett harpist playing at a wedding at The Lake Vrynwy Hotel and Spa
Oona is ready to play ‘their song’ as the bride enters
Bride and groom relax during wedding ceremony
Yes it is a solemn event with serious moments, but these run next to more light hearted ones too
Pronounced husband and wife the newlyweds kiss
Husband and wife! A very enthusiastic kiss and a very happy family
Registrar gives newlyweds their wedding certificate
Register signed and photos all taken, the registrar hands over the wedding certificate
oona Linnett harpist is thanked by the bride for playing her selection of music
E thanked Oona for playing the music she chose for the ceremony
Confetti moment outside Lake Vyrnwy Hotel
Everyone enjoyed the traditional moment when confetti is showered on the newlyweds
Bride relaxing at Lake Vrynwy Hotel
With Lake Vyrnwy in the background the bride relaxes
Bride enjoys the view at Lake Vyrnwy
A confident bride enjoying the Summer sun and the beautiful view
Kissing newlyweds at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa
A very relaxed couple who knew exactly why they chose Lake Vyrnwy for their wedding

After the ceremony I still stay in contact with brides and grooms with the pictures presented in a private gallery on my website and the USB or DVD to make and post. Later on I often get a call to take pictures of other family events as they come along, especially the babies and children! It was a very pleasant and tasty surprise when E and C sent us this thank you card and a small present of cake. I hope I can do a photographic service for them in the future.

Oona Linnett Harpist and Richard Linnett Photoggraphy - it is always good to receive presents of appreciation
We are always moved and pleased by a gift of appreciation from those we play for and photograph

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