So pleased to have a studio

We had a short spell of cold winter weather recently in Chester but only a smattering of snow and that did not last long. We are now back to damp and cool. Feeling for those expecting a blizzard and deep snow in the USA.

Great song 'The sound of silence' by Simon and Garfunkel
‘I turn my collar to the cold and damp’

Doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside I have a very well set up and warm studio to photograph people. These times in the studio are often engagement portraits but I do a lot of other kinds of portrait work too.

Bokeh I think is a Japanese word for the out of focus element of a picture
Like many I like those out of focus shots


Who loves you?! great when clients like Charlotte wanted a different pose
Who loves you?! Charlotte wanted a different kind of pose with Mike

The centrally heated studio and office gives me somewhere to work with clients and then process the pictures. I can even show the clients previews on the computer screen if we have the time. Regardless I always get the proofs in to a private password protected gallery on my website at within a few days.

Birthday present shoots before a party
‘Mirror, Mirror’. Great to do a birthday present shoots for people

Quite looking forward to some heavier frost and some proper snow, and those crisp clear blue days when visibility is so very good. Still, until those days arrive I am going to enjoy taking pictures where I can completely control the light.

In the studio engaged couples can get to know their photographer during a shoot
Engaged couples can get to know their photographer during a shoot


I enjoyed taking pictures of Oona (, a wonderful harpist and my wife. She loves to dress appropriately for weddings and has been asked to do more and more Bollywood music as part of her repertoire.

Wonderful to get such dramatic colours in the studio
Oona Linnett harpist (listen to clips at

Oona and I enjoyed a sari buying trip with friends in Manchester and I then did some promotional images for her.

I enjoy it when children, like Darcie, love to play in the studio
Kids, like Darcie, love to play in the studio

Children and pets also walk through the door to the studio, and in the case of babies carried! Again, I ensure the studio is warm and cosy for these smaller visitors with extra heating should they need it.

The dogs relax and the owners can enjoy a 'family' picture
Jane and Sam and the three amigos!


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