Valentine’s Day approaches!

The first meeting - first date
Romantic moments

Every year I post about Valentine’s Day. It is a date I never miss in my own relationship with my own partner of 25 years married. Every relationship that  will stand the test of time has involved both people living in the moment, something outside of time and not corrupted by time. Photographs are there to record some of those moments. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reflect upon this.

Discussing the future

I see only good in celebrating this out of time relationship with someone who we believe is our soul mate. This, of course, can be done at any time, and should be, whenever partners are together. Valentine’s day can obviously be one such moment in the year when we can do this despite the sometimes flippant worldly view of this day.

Engagement portrait on the Wirral coast
Walking together by the sea

As a photographer I enjoy being on the edge of such moments out of time whether it is an engagement shoot, wedding or a portrait sitting of people in love.

Celebration portrait
50 years together

This applies to all ages, and you are never too old, and all kinds of relationships regardless of gender. The daughter of Betty and Cyril thought it would be great to get the family together and celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They were clearly relaxed and very happy in the moment with each other.

So just as there is a better Christmas to be had where real feeling is felt, there is also a better Valentine’s Day to be enjoyed when we are in the moment, and really do touch souls.




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