Dogs are fantastic!

Great sunlight across the River Dee in Chester for this portrait of Henry

Capturing the spirit of your pet is the aim, so to photograph them on their regular walk is often the best place. This also means a variety of shots with your dog having fun including some action shots.

All these pictures required editing of his harness out of the image

Shots out of the studio are fun but it is often a more reportage approach. Finding the right background is often the key. Getting that creamy blur on the background is also good to isolate the subject, made easier of course if the doggy’s colour is a good contrast.

Sam see something -and then he is off!

A dog really is your best friend, he will always make you look good in a photograph. Dogs are like children, they don’t have to work at relaxing, or being over-excited, and just being themselves.

Pet portraits are great fun
Sam the dalmation

The problem is getting them to be themselves in exactly the right place and at the right time. Like children they also get bored so having a few treats handy is a good idea, you can get their attention and they enjoy the picture taking instead of getting tense.

Vouchers for sittings are available at muy website – great for Christmas presents!

Taking a breather for this portrait

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