Congratulations to all those who have enjoyed a same sex wedding today!

Just to wish all the gay couples who were  married today the very very best, and I hope they have had a very beautiful and happy wedding. Everyone deserves a wonderfully special celebration of the relationship they have with the person they want to spend their lives with. It is fantastic that we have the opportunity for everyone to now enjoy getting married. I am lucky to have shared and been moved by these special moments, and look forward to photographing many more gay weddings in the future.

Gay weddings now possible

Congratulations to all those enjoying a gay wedding today

Same sex marriage

A celebration of love

Getting married in front of family and friends

The wedding ceremony

Exchange of tokens

Exchange of rings

Vows and promises

Making the same vows and promises

Kissing for the first time as a married couple

The first kiss after getting married

People want to see the ring

Showing the ring!

Enjoying being married!



A professional wedding and portrait photographer.

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