Engagement portraits in the studio- capturing a relationship – thoughts and feelings

Engagement portrait – eyes only for you

Had a lot of fun with people in the studio recently shooting engagement portraits. Most couples have never had a sitting in a studio and often arrive very apprehensive. Once they realize how relaxed it can be and that the idea is to have fun then they begin to warm to the idea and often end up very enthusiastic about the final images! A professional photographer is after all on the sitters side, trying as hard as they can to get a picture the couple will be happy with because it is by word of mouth that most work comes, and if you are not friendly with clients and not producing quality images they are not going to recommend you. The studio is also a private space where people can relax especially if they are shy, a reason many people do not want  a location or lifestyle portrait where they might be viewed by others. I will blog on lifestyle portraits on another occasion.

Once relaxed people just might show something of their feelings for each other and that just might be captured in the pictures.

Most photographers offer engagement portraits free when booking them for weddings. Itis a great chance to meet and talk and to get to know each other. People are always more relaxed on their wedding day in front of the camera as a result of an engagement shoot and can enjoy their wedding day experience even more. Couples always gain in confidence that their pictures will be as they want them and that the photographer is going to get on with them and their guests. Engagement pictures tell the client immediately if the photographer is going to produce the kind of pictures they want.

It is great having a studio where I can control the light and simplify the background. The focus is then on the couple without distraction. It is also warm and cozy, comfortable for everyone.

Please enjoy the pictures, and if you are interested in a portrait at my studio do not hesitate to contact me.

Eyes only for you in the studio
Engagement portrait – eyes only for you
Wide eyed eye contact!
Good eye contact with the camera
Relaxing - laughing and joking
A laugh and a joke will relax people
pets can be so important in a relationship
Sometimes people bring unusual props!
Engaged and relaxed!
Apart but always together
This is a confidence pose – apart, but always together
Engagement portrait catch-lights
Highlights or catch-lights are vital in any portrait
Adding a prop to an engagement portrait
Engagement portrait adding a prop
Engagement black and white
A black and white can make a striking image
Relaxing and no longer focused on the camera
Eyes closed – relaxed!
She has her man - engagement portrait
Engagement portrait- she has her man

Engagement portrait - back to back
Back to back engagement portrait
Happy being photographed
Engagement portrait – so happy with him!
Full length engagement picutre
Engagement portrait – full length

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