Studio portraits of children can be such fun!

I have always enjoyed being with children,  letting me share in their view of the world. Photographing them has been a great pleasure and I have had a number of family sittings I thought I would share on my blog. With few hangups about how they look they usually enjoy the attention, and the wonder of their own image on the camera, screen or print. Getting them to act naturally is not always a challenge, as long as you make the session fun and interesting and keep the pace going! Outdoor shooting can also be fun and there are many locations here in Chester to provide a context. Parents want good pictures of their children whether it is as a gift for grandparents, or simply a portrait to help the memory when they look back over time. To reassure parents I have an enhanced criminal record bureau disclosure, but I also always have parents present anyway so they can help to entertain the children who relax more as a result.

In the studio a contemporary feel is given if the backgrounds are kept simple, usually black or white. If the family bring toys they supplement the ‘fun and games’ I already have, the bubbles and coloured balls always being favourite! A change of clothes can be fitted in because usually a sitting will be at least an hour, and if we have not quite got the shot I am usually happy to carry on, child permitting.

I always end with a picture of the children with the usually camera-shy Mum and Dad. Quite often portrait sitting results from gift vouchers purchased from my website and these always come with at least one free 10 by 8 inch mounted print.

Mother and son studio portrait
A relationship can be made clear in a photograph
Children like to be themselves and show off in front of the camera
Children love having their picture taken especially if you show a real interest in them
Getting young people to be themselves in front of the camera is not so difficult
Children can easily act themselves if encouraged in a friendly way
Contemporary white background and careful composition
Composition and a white background give a contemporary touch
Studio portrait of children playing with bubbles
Children blowing bubbles in this studio shoot
Girl with a saxaphone
Young saxophonist

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