Castles in the air – in this case Peckforton Castle above the Cheshire plain

Castles such as Peckforton in Cheshire make a wonderful backdrop for a wedding, very atmospheric and will always create a very strong recollection of the day, if that were needed! The venue for a wedding is probably the greatest expense so choosing the right one  is very important. Castles and themed weddings can be great fun and adding that gothic touch to a special day.For a photographer the challenge is often lighting large open rooms where the windows are high and narrow and not always providing enough illumination. Sometimes the shadows are a bonus adding to the authenticity of the location, extra lighting helps and getting the flash off the top of the camera always makes for better pictures, something non-professionals do not generally do. Castles are of course not everyone’s cup of tea and there are many more contemporary places to choose, it is the place that suits you that counts and it is the same feeling you get when looking for the right house to buy, can you imagine your wedding in the place and do you feel at home.

Bridal portrait at Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle bay window wedding bridal portrait

Alternative off-camera lighting used to enhance the effect of the window.

Bride at Peckforton Castle window looking at the gate house. Here I used off-camera lighting.

Unusual delivery by this beautiful bird of prey

Owl delivers rings in the Great Hall, Peckforton Castle

Just before that first kiss

Husband and wife – Peckforton Castle Great Hall wedding

Newlyweds enjoy the splendor of the Great Hall in the presence of their guests

Great Hall, Peckforton Castle wedding

Releasing these birds adds a great sense of freedom after the rigours of the ceremony in the Great Hall

A dove release at Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle makes for a wonderful place for a ceremony and a blessing

From civil ceremony to blessing, from Great Hall to Chapel

And now for the drinks reception and a few wedding photographs!

Blessed and married everyone returns to the Great Hall and Long Room

Bird of Prey display - wedding entertainment at Peckforton Castle

Best man and bird of prey display at Peckforton Castle wedding photographed by richard linnett phtography.

Peckforton Castle - birds of prey wedding entertainment display

Birds of Prey display on a wet day in the Great Hall at Peckforton Castle, many of the ladies at the wedding got involved.

Groom with bird of prey

Groom with bird of prey on his wedding day

Peckforton Castle stairs - another spot for bridal portraits

Fairy lights for a fairy princess bride

Newlywed portrait at Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle Bridal Suite

Chaise lounge shot of bride at Peckforton Castle

Bridal portrait relaxing on Chaise lounge in the Peckforton Castle bridal suite

Links to Castles that do functions and where I have recently photographed a wedding:

Peckforton Castle, Cheshire –

Shrewsbury Castle, Shropshire –

Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire –


A professional wedding and portrait photographer.

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