Dogs are fantastic!

A dog really is your best friend, (s)he will always make you look good in a photograph. Dogs are like children, they don’t have to work at relaxing and being themselves. The problem is getting them to be themselves in exactly the right place, also a bit like children. Like children they also get bored so having a few treats handy is a good idea and ‘worked a treat’ on these three. Another good trick I used with another triple dog portrait was to loop one lead through all three dog collars, I then slowly pulled their heads together. Back in Photoshop  I just removed the lead where it showed. Shots out of the studio are also fun but it is often a more reportage approach.

The studio is a great place to bring a nice clean dog for a picture either on their own or with you. For a more natural shot I would go for a walk with dog and owner and get pictures of the dog and owner having fun or simply being together. This could be a good way for people who are usually shy in front of a camera having a photo taken, acting naturally, distracted by their pet.

As a dog lover myself spending time with these lovely creatures is a real pleasure and the photographs are always stunning.

Three dogs and two people
We love our dogs portrait
Boxers have fantastic colour
Fantastic face!
Three amegos
Dogs will follow their owners especially if they hold a treat!
Studio portrait of a large dog
A rather large dog but actually very soft
Black labrodor photographic portrait
This picture was actually isolated from a group shot

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