Why do we photograph the bride’s preparations?

Last week I photographed the wedding of Sam and Paul and had a fantastic time getting to know some lovely young people. This was especially true of the bride and the bridesmaids who let me into the secrets of their preparations. The wedding was held at Moddershall Oaks near Stone which is also a Spa as well as a hotel and restaurant. Sam and her friends had as relaxed a time as possible on the afternoon of the wedding, getting their hair and make-up done and soon got used to me photographing them from all angles! I have lost count of the number of weddings I have photographed but I always enjoy the energy of the bridal preparations: that mixture of excitement, anticipation and, let’s be honest, anxiety! I am always there to offer a an encouraging comment, which is not too difficult when surrounded by people so determined to have a good time and look fabulous. Sometimes I can also offer that little bit of knowledge, and in this case I was able to help set the bridal veil the way she liked it.

Brides like to have the preparations photographed because for them it is a very important part of the day, intimate with friends and yet involving other people in helping her to be as beautiful as she can be. It is therefore important that it is recorded so that like all the other wedding photographs there is an aide-memoire in the images that will last a lifetime. All the little details should also be included such as the special jewelry, and of course the shoes. It is not just the bride, but also the bridesmaids who look stunning, although never allowed to upstage the bride!

Photographing the preparations also means the bride is possibly the most relaxed person in front of the camera later in the day as she has already had a couple of hours practice and time to get used to it. Sam and friends were a pleasure to be with and as always it is an honour to be chosen to photograph one of the most important days in a person’s life.

Last look in the mirror - do we look the way we want to?

Bridal preparations – are we ready to put the dress on?

Wedding dress - once-in-a-lifetime

It takes a long time to choose a wedding dress – a special once-in-a-lifetime gown

Sunlit Wedding shoes

All the accessories get photographed; all important, all chosen carefully

Wedding jewelry awaiting the bride

Wedding jewelry has also been specially chosen

Bride looking toward the wedding dress and photographer

Bridal preparation is a time to enjoy the excitement of getting ready

Bridesmaid getting ready

A lovely smile from a lovely bridesmaid

Mobile phone bride

Mobile phones are essential to check everyone else is playing their part

Eyelashes for brides

Bridal eyelashes get special attention

Friends act a sbridesmaids

Bridesmaid encouraging the bride

Expert bridal make-up

Extra time on the wedding day for bridal make-up

Putting on the wedding dress

The wedding dress is finally on

Bride beneath the spotlight

Standing now ready in her wedding dress – ‘The Bride’

Portrait of the bride - casual

A casual bridal portrait

Encouraging the bride

Brides want to be encouraged

Bridal party going through the Spa gym

Brides and bridesmaids – ‘fit’ for purpose!

Bridesmaids going to ceremony

Happy moments of excitement and anticipation

Bride walks up a flight

From the Spa and Hotel to the wedding ceremony room

Across the dark courtyard on the way to the wedding ceremony

A few paces now from the wedding ceremony room


A professional wedding and portrait photographer.

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